The eCommerce and Its Trends for the Future #2

Going on with the series of future and transformation of the online retail industry, we will dive right into more astonishing technologies implemented now by merchants. How do Chatbots serve customers and improve their shopping experience? What does Big Data mean? What is Headless Commerce, and why is it getting so popular among brands and online stores? Let’s find out.

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Chatbot – a Website Assistant That Is Always Online

A Chatbot (also known as a Chatterbot) is a computer platform that is powered to communicate with customers on a website. They are just like human assistants. The only differences are that a robotic platform is available for customers 24/7 – a client can literally get help any time. Chatbots improve the shopping experience and expedite sales. They create trust and improve customers’ engagement. 

How can a machine fully interact with customers? It is all thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s programmed to recognise multiple forms of the most common inquiries and answer them. To do so, chatbots may use existing information and resources, like FAQs or knowledge base articles.

What companies do use chatbots? Basically any brand or enterprise that comes to your mind first. Nearly 80% of businesses of different sizes and geographical locations now use chatbots.


Shopping With a Smartphone Is Just Superior

Mobile shopping is on the move. Not surprisingly – it allows one to shop from anywhere, which is not only very convenient but also crucial these days. In 2021, 73% of all eCommerce transactions globally are made through smartphone! When these many purchases are made on mobile phones, you really want to invest in a phone-friendly version of your store’s website, or maybe even a mobile application.  

For you to see, all famous and large marketplaces (e.g., AliExpress, Wildberries) and retailers (e.g., Amazon) have both a convenient mobile website and a phone application.


Pay Within a Moment 

Sometimes, paying online is long and stressful. Just imagine – looking for your credit or debit card first, then starting to type in these long numbers, billing address, revising if everything is correct. Ugh! From a customer’s perspective, it really is time-consuming and effortful. This paying process can even stop a client from finishing their purchase. In order to increase conversion rates, a business needs to offer fast, yet secure payment options.

One of the ways companies ease the way their clients can pay is like this: after proceeding with a very first payment with the company, their payment info is recouped in the system. So when doing the next alleged purchase, the customer does not need to fill in all credentials again since it is already in the website’s system.  


Big Data – Generating More Sales For eCommerce Businesses

Has your phone ever given you an ad for a product that you recently googled, or chatted with someone about? Why when browsing the Internet or social media, the advertisements match your needs, and advertise products you would be interested in? Actually, the explanation is simple. Your device knows your needs and preferences thanks to Big Data. Websites and online platforms collect personal data for commercial purposes. 

An eCommerce business can use big data resources for many reasons. By collecting searched and discussed info from clients, the store is capable of predicting what clients want to buy, with what price, and with what sort of service. It allows the store to forecast demand, optimise pricing policies, and generally generate more sales. 


Headless Commerce – Providing More eCommerce Platform Options For Brands

Long story short – Headless Commerce is an architecture in which all operations (storing, managing and delivering content) happen without a front-end delivery layer (sometimes referred to as a Head). 

Flexibility is the reason eCommerce businesses now are becoming Headless and API-driven. Headless commerce opens up a world of opportunities with brands that are looking for a content-led strategy to start on with. There are currently indeed no limits to the customisations that can happen in the digital eCommerce space.

“With headless, we get more control over our content and customer journey through checkout. We had a multi-region need that was solved  with the headless BigCommerce solution, allowing us to combine all of our stores into one single domain, for which we have developed additional features.”

Antonio Kaleb, LARQ eCommerce Architect


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