Put a Wind in Your e-Commerce Sails… and Sales?

Consulting services for 3PLs and fulfillment providers.

Let’s unleash your e-commerce potential using our 20+ years of e-commerce experience to support your business through in-depth analysis, tailored recommendations, and holistic implementation strategies.


When you don’t have room for error, let our 20+ years of hard, hands-on e-commerce experience guide your e-commerce business. Through our own trial and error, we’ve tested strategies, we’ve stretched theories, and we’ve challenged the status quo. Our extensive knowledge bank will save you the time and effort by learning from our team of experts.


Differentiate your business from the rest with our services’ proven results. Through continuous testing and optimization of systems, integrations, and administration, we have increased monthly packaging by over 50 times. This has increased output, reduced fulfillment times, and improved the customer experience for our friends. We ensure that your business is built to scale. 


While analyzing and optimizing your business from the ground up, we provide the white-glove service that you should expect from your business partners. We are always available for questions and feedback, and we offer reasonable prices with a higher success rate. 

Our services analyze every aspect of you business to find areas for improvement and optimization, then give tailored recommendations and support to get you there.

Our Clan



Tommy has 23 years of experience in eCommerce and 6 years of in-depth experience with 3PL and WMS.

Tommy has deep knowledge of most WMS systems and eCommerce systems and how to intelligently integrate and automate processes between them.

Tommy’s strong entrepreneurial mindset has helped him to grow an impressive professional network within many industries.

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Morten has 8 years of experience in running a web-bureau and developing eCommerce solutions, websites, and applications for Android and iOS. Morten also holds a MSc in Innovation & Business Development 

Morten is highly adept at understanding client needs and translating those needs into concrete requirements for the development teams.

Besides that, Morten has the “lucky” role of catching and realizing the constant flow of ideas from Tommy – a specialized skill in itself!

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Darius has over 15 years of programming experience, and his extensive programming knowledge has earned him the title of “The Code Master” in our team. 

Darius is the master at turning ideas into practical solutions, and we feel comfortable knowing that Darius can make just about any code-related dream come true.

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Martin Hansen



Martin is our resident expert in communication and branding, and holds a BA in Design & Business within Marketing & Branding. 

Martin also serves as our Chief of Learning & Development as well as customer satisfaction specialist, who reinforces evaluation and positive feedback loops with our clients. Your satisfaction is the true source of his Viking strength!

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justas, jonas, vytenis

Justas, Jonas and Vytenis add to our team of experienced developers. They truly bring the magic to life with their in-depth experience of programming languages and frameworks – they love a good challenge, and we love them for that!!

Technologies we work with

We love learning new things & always try to be ahead of the crowd with innovation.

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