Innovative development

Where is your business standing?

You are looking into the desired future, and getting there, you need the right tools.

We got the toolbox for that so you can navigate your ship. Improving your speed and efficiency and eliminating time-consuming tasks are essential to succeed in reaching the destination of the goal.

The first sea mile is to acknowledge the crux of the matter to be able to start the innovative process. Our approach is to throw overboard the analogue scope and get into the core of the case. If this is not done then Tesla’s electric cars would not exist, and then self-driving vehicles are the art of black magic. The analogy would only allow us to mount a horse and never conquer the seas or new vast innovations. We are not alone believing in our approach, and behind the words lies action. We are therefore able to assist you with our skillset to locate areas, tasks, design and development. This would also improve the speed and efficiency of the process.

We have been undergoing a transformation through innovation development also to experience all the aspects. Since we have recorded our journey, we have supported others in achieving their business and technical goals during the last ten years. Our willingness to share best practice has strengthened our network and even accelerated the growth of it. We continue to innovate since it is a never-ending ocean.

We invite you to start the innovative journey, and we will be with you the whole time.

Our Clan



Tommy has 23 years of experience in e-commerce and 6 years of in-depth experience with 3PL and WMS.

Tommy knows most WMS systems and e-commerce systems in and out and knows how to plan intelligent ways to integrate and automate processes between them.

He holds a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has an impressive professional network within many industries.​



Morten holds a MSc in Innovation & Business Development and has 8 years of experience in running a web-bureau, developing eCommerce solutions, websites and app’s for both Android and iOS.

Morten is good at understanding client needs and translating the business needs of clients into concrete requirements that the development team can process.

Besides that, he has the role of catching the constant flow of ideas coming from Tommy – a specialized skill in itself!



Our lead developer (we call him The Code Master) is Darius. With over 15 years of programming experience and extensive programming knowledge, we can turn our ideas into practical solutions at any time and feel comfortable knowing that Darius can make it come true.

Martin Hansen



Martin holds a PBA in Design & Business within Marketing & Branding. Martin is our expert in communication and branding. He is also our chief of learning, who reinforces the processes and activities by ensuring evaluation and positive feedback loops with our clients.  Your satisfaction is the source of his true strength!

justas, jonas, vytenis

Some of our experienced developers are Justas, Jonas and Vytenis. They bring the magic to life with their large experience within the below mentioned programming languages and frameworks – they love a good challenge, and we love them for that!!

Technologies we work with

We love learning new things & always try to be ahead of the crowd with innovation.

We set sails with