Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company, which develops computer software to online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. It allows third-party merchants to commercialise their products via a cloud-based e-commerce platform. Shopify offers a shopping cart solution for a monthly subscription fee and there are 5 available plans. Moreover, the monthly fee Shopify also benefits from each transaction made. The percentage depends on the agreed plan and additional fees if other payment providers are used than Shopify Payments. The 3 main plans include a solution package of creating a website store, organise products and managing shipping, The system allows getting access to a tech-friendly admin panel to add products, store data and process orders. The system was created to solve the complicated issue of making a great simple website for a store that is easy to set-up, visually appealing and functional. This also includes an ecosystem where software developers can offer add-on apps either for free or as an extra charge to ease up more processes and activities. However, it is still a software-as-a-service so it doesn’t allow others to own a copy. It is possible to start with a free 14-days trial or buy a pre-built Shopify-store from the exchange marketplace that is also powered by Shopify. Furthermore, then additional merchant service solutions can be offered on top of the platform as Shopify Shipping, Shopify Capital, and Shopify POS. Therefore all together the platform is defined as a cloud-based multi-tenant system that can drive high performance, security, scalability, reliability and deployment. This makes the whole platform compelling and appealing to a certain audience within the laws and restrictions of its founded nature. Shopify aiming to take-on more like operating their warehouses and fulfilment centers. If the Shopify clients within the framework manage their business well then they have the opportunity to keep growing together with Shopify. Nevertheless, the most popular plans are the once for a cheaper monthly subscription and this might be an indication that the platform also is used e.g. testing products potential in the market or simply dropshipping. Shopify also includes a 24/7 support for their clients to ensure that they can focus on sales.

Year of launch2006
FoundersTobias Lütke
Head companyShopify Inc.
Ownershipquoted on stock exchange: TSX: SHOP
S&P/TSX 60 component
Subscription feeStarting from 29 USD/month
Trial14-day free trial