Magento is a USA Adobe company which offers an open-source e-commerce platform. The Magento Open Source platform focuses on the interaction between the e-commerce company and the demand from customers. The customer is in mind when evolving the Magento commerce features. This approach allows e-commerce companies to create personalised content, promotions through a smooth process. The page builder is a drag-and-drop to set us the website. The nature of the platform implies either the e-commerce company or a third party will work with the code. This also makes the platform flexible and scalable for developing an online store. The code is free, however, it is possible to purchase a custom Magento Commerce Plan. There is a worldwide developer community using the open-source code. The platform allows in a wide context to be integrated with different back-end systems such as CRM and ERP. Within Magento, there are features to set it up as a user-friendly control panel for multiple online stores. The use of the system creates values for the e-commerce company and the customers. The platform is best suited for medium and large businesses that have the resources to develop the system. If the resources are present either in-house or outsourced then adding new features is smooth. The feature list is extensive and matches the needs of large corporations. The most important areas are SEO, marketing (including promotion, conversations, and customer group segmentation), site management, catalogue management, catalogue browsing, product browsing, and checkout (payment and shipping). The additional costs will be a domain, hosting, theme, SSL certificate, and payment processing partner. Moreover, it is possible to purchase SQL through Magento’s security center for the store site. To secure the future use of the platform then the goal is to create seamless shopping everywhere through mobile commerce, B2B eCommerce, and Amazon Sales Channel among others. However, to benefit from this it also needs a do-it-yourself approach. As support, Magento is having a resource library and a knowledge base that makes it possible to access forums. There comes basic support with certain commerce cloud packages.

Year of launch2008
FoundersRoy Rubin
Head companyAdobe Inc.
Ownershipquoted on stock exchange
NASDAQ-100 component
S&P 100 component
S&P 500 component
Subscription feenone (core software platform)