Building rapport – questions & answers

Tommy Bjørbæk, founder of Viking Consulting and Our Lead Consultant

What is it like to be a Viking today? “Viking is a state of mind – It’s being there for those who are there for you and protecting what you hold dear. With that said the main difference from 1000 years ago is that the sword has been replaced with more words and more data.”

What makes you laugh? “There are two kinds of people in this world: 1. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data”

What is your best advice to pass on? “In life and in business, you can get away with outsmarting people a few times – But building friendships that last a lifetime will guarantee you everlasting success.”

Morten Bitsch, founder of Viking Consulting and Our Consultant & Team Lead

Describe your work:I set goals and strategize together with Tommy, and make it my task to lead the development team and ensure smooth progress and results via resource management and keeping obstacles out of the way. I also manage our recruitment procedures, contracts and accounting.”

What is it like to be a Viking today“It is less bloody and thank Odin for not having to get seasick on ships all the time! I leave my Viking Axe at home and get inspired by other less forceful and less weapon-heavy forms of battles, like the Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu where battles are won in the mind, in a structure- and balancing-act and in not having to apply power to win. We still have the proud Viking strength and fierce attitude – just applied in a different manner.”

What makes you laugh? “My best laughs are with my kids. I am also a Monty Python aficionado and a big fan of Woody Allen’s humour. Eddie Izzard shows also make me laugh every time – I like the twisted mind on the edge of normality, soaked in underplayed intelligence.”

What is your best advice to pass on? “Always work for win-win and synergy based solutions. Life is short, so live it while you have it, put love into your life by giving love, explore the world, get into nature and learn about it – and if possible, leave a legacy that you and your family can be proud of.”

Darius Vėlavičius, Our Viking Consulting Lead Software Engineer

Describe your work: “My work is getting to know a problem and finding a solution – whether that’s a new shiny feature, an old dusty bug or a completely new system. After deciding on a course, my Viking brothers and I conquer the problem.”

What is it like to be a Viking today? “The sea is changing – so do we

What makes you laugh? “I usually try to find a laugh in everything – that way my days are even more enjoyable!”

What is your best advice to pass on? “Be honest with yourself and others.”

Justas Stanevičius, Our Viking Consulting Software Engineer

Describe your work: “My work is to shape ideas from paper to working tools that could be used to improve the work quality of other peoples.”

What is it like to be a Viking today? “Beards are coming back in fashion, axes replaced by keyboards, places are reached by crossing the ocean of the internet. Missing the only helmet with horns.”

What makes you laugh? “!false – it’s funny because it’s true. People that I work with, my car and my work.”

What is your best advice to pass on? “Everything is much simpler than it looks, don’t overthink.”

Jonas Klimanskis, Our Viking Consulting Software Engineer

Describe your work: “My main work is to write clean, good code. I also have an opportunity to talk with clients, make suggestions to what they want and help them build better products.”

What is it like to be a Viking today? “It feels great. Great people around. New adventures projects in front.”

What makes you laugh? “We have a lot of fun in the office, so I guess my colleagues :)”

What is your best advice to pass on? “Hm, maybe live life and be happy 🙂 For work purposes I would say, check, triple check your code :D”

Vytenis Kareiva, Our Viking Consulting Programme Developer

Describe your work: “Like putting a puzzle together.”

What is it like to be a Viking today? “Like smooth sailing.”

What makes you laugh? “The entire team is fun to work with, so the team makes me laugh :)”

What is your best advice to pass on? “Les Brown said something that is very true. “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.””

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The company is based in Scandinavia and the team extends to even embracing more countries. We serve companies worldwide. Our foundation is based on the values: Be Brave, Be Prepared, Be A Good Merchant, and, Keep The Camp In Order. Therefore we see ourselves as business partners and friends of the clients, employees, companies, networks and the whole industry.