BigCommerce is a USA e-commerce company, which provides a software-as-a-service platform for online businesses. The platform aims to make it as simple as possible to sell online and keep the complexity away. The platform comes with timeless solutions for all size businesses. “BigCommerce Essentials” service solution is meant for small- and medium-sized businesses and “BigCommerce Enterprise” for large clients. BigCommerce delivers an e-commerce builder that has been designed to support online selling. The platform is very scalable with many built-in features. At the same time, it allows selling across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Enhanced by SEO tools to secure e-commerce businesses positions. BigCommerce has focused on an easy process to create an online store: store set-up, add products and make money through the website. The built-in features add more levels together with data tools. The platform’s focus is on growth. This makes it a valid option for a fast-growing business with ambitions of scaling up. Outgrowing the platform would not be an issue. The quality of BigCommerce is all the in-house features. These come without an extra cost and they are working smoothly. The platform is the only on the market that allows selling physical, digital, and service-based products without using an app. These sales types are included in the editor of the platform. Having one solution for all types reduces the hassle and costs. Instead of using other third-party programs as well. BigCommerce gives the possibility to choose the payment gateways without imposing an extra charge on top. Besides printing shipping labels among others it is also possible to get shipping options through BigCommerce Shipping app with special discounts through e.g. USPS, DHL, and FedEx. The SSL Security certificate and abandoned cart recovery are also included. It is also possible to include other SSL certificates. BigCommerce also allows collecting product ratings and reviews and it even works with customer groups e.g. to reward frequent shoppers with coupons, discounts and gift cards. BigCommerce also includes 24/7 support for their clients to ensure that they can focus on sales.

Year of launch2009
FoundersEddie Machaalani, Mitchell Harper
Head companyBigCommerce Holdins Inc.
Ownershipquoted on stock exchange: NASDAQ: BIGC
Subscription feeStarting from 29.95 USD/month
Trial15-day free trial