3plDashboard is much more than a user-friendly tool

A simple solution is not always the best – especially when it comes to real-time data. With a compound solution, you can take advantage of versatile-data communication to get what you need and wish. 


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The story behind…


We have developed a system to support 3rd Party Logistics providers in the industry to take the data-handling on a higher level. The demand for the interface system originates from our own experience when operating as a 3PL. We chose back then to use Shiphero’s well-working WMS/OMS system – the system became a part of our development and success. During our growth, new wishes and needs came along. We suggested from time to time features and functions that could improve the yield from using the Shiphero’s system. At some point, we were offered the system-key to develop the features and functionalities that we had been suggesting. This was indeed a turning point for us and our business – now we could build upon their system to strengthen our business. This was the start of a new business that is now known under the name Viking Consulting. 


3rd party integration solutions were our key to unlock the potential of creating seamless communication gateways between various information systems. This made us able to utilize the connections to speed up processes and activities. All in all, it made us free up resources to focus on other areas to improve our business. It didn’t just become a handy tool for us but now we had the opportunity to help our friends and partners. Eventually, they started to recommend our services to others. It was a clear sign that our business was succeeding and we could make a good difference.


We wanted to stay humble and decided to make a structure from the ground to be able to keep developing. The needs and wishes of today are not the same as for tomorrow – and that brought us together into this situation in the first place. Therefore, we wanted to stay true to the original idea. Our approach needed to be innovative so we always would have the opportunity and possibility for further development. We prepared as good as possible, however, we found out that preparation is only the half victory. On the other hand, no one had said it would be direct and simple. With the use of agile management and a good portion of programming-patience, we could slowly start to include friends and partners. We found a lot of value from the transaction between them and us. Our network creates a thriving environment and we keep the competition close to us. We are having the belief that all benefit from healthy competition and it rewards all by the end of the day.


The system is named 3plDashboard since that sums up the tool. The benefits and advantages of using this tool are that it allows you to reclaim your branding, driving up the user experience, adding apps & plugins, and updating your clients. Branding matters – it is the silent speaker – to build the rapport you strive for. The user experience is built around four pillars that need to run efficiently: Orders, Inventory, Returns and Purchase orders. Apps & plugins make various operations available like billing, information center e.g. The communication will be connected through the touch-points for improving the messaging. The system behind the tool is made into a clean user-friendly interface to keep track of the essential actions for you as a 3pl company.


What Shiphero says

“We’re relentless in our pursuit to provide 3PLs and DTC ecommerce brands of all sizes and complexity the platform to meet rising consumer demand for ecommerce fulfillment and shipping. VikingC understands the demands placed on 3PLs and how they can better serve and win new business with an easy to use dashboard that integrates seamlessly with ShipHero software.”


Stay in touch

Stay up-to-date and connect with us on LinkedIn. We are friendly Vikings both when it comes to formally and informally meetings. Hit the “Let’s talk” button so we can start our journey together. Glory and honour await us! Friendly regards, the Viking Consulting team


Who we are 

We are Viking Consulting. The specialists within the fields of 3rd party integration and eCommerce solutions. With 20+ years of experience in e-Commerce, 15+ years of experience in development and integration, and 5+ years as a 3PL provider. We are the only contact needed for integration, development and consulting. Our growing business is hungry for more experiences.

The company is based in Scandinavia and the team extends to even embracing more countries. We serve companies worldwide. Our foundation is based on the values: Be Brave, Be Prepared, Be A Good Merchant, and, Keep The Camp In Order. Therefore we see ourselves as business partners and friends of the clients, employees, companies, networks and the whole industry.