How is your e-commerce adventure going?

As 3PL, you are either looking into or currently working with e-commerce.

We will assist you in hosting your e-commerce sails through advice based analysis to create an overview of your needs and potentials to differentiate from your competitors.

We have now more than five years of direct warehouse experience. Due to our fortune, we had space for trial and errors that we have converted into a knowledge bank. It will also allow you to save valuable time. A faster approach will have a more substantial impact on your business. From when having a warehouse, we conducted different processes and activities. We have increased our monthly packeting by over 50 times when starting testing systems, integrations, and the administration of those. Of course, we failed from time to time; however, we fought back. The defeat is only to be found if giving up. From the many adventures, we had during this period started to share with our partners that started to recommend us to others.

A business and service was suddenly born. Indeed we were not the only one wishing to scale up our business. In our situation, the alternatives were either expensive assistance on one side and risks on the other side. Therefore we can offer you a reasonable price with a higher success rate.

We will start to look at your business from the floor level and upwards to improve efficiency and your routines.

Our team



Tommy has 23 years of experience in e-commerce and 6 years of in-depth experience with 3PL and WMS. Tommy knows most WMS systems and e-commerce systems in and out and knows how to plan intelligent ways to integrate and automate processes between them. He holds a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has an impressive professional network within many industries.​



Morten holds a MSc in Innovation & Business Development and has 8 years of experience in running a web-bureau, developing eCommerce solutions, websites and app’s for both Android and iOS. Morten is good at understanding client needs and translating the business needs of clients into concrete requirements that the development team can process. Besides that, he has the role of catching the constant flow of ideas coming from Tommy – a specialized skill in itself!



Our lead developer (we call him The Code Master) is Darius. With over 15 years of programming experience and extensive programming knowledge, we can turn our ideas into practical solutions at any time and feel comfortable knowing that Darius can make it come true.

Darius’ team of experienced developers consists of Justas, Jonas and Vytenis. They bring the magic to life with their large experience within the below mentioned programming languages and frameworks – they love a good challenge, and we love them for that!