We pride ourselves in supporting our friends – that is how we see all our clients and contacts – as friends.

3rd party API integration​​​

You are looking to integrate 2 or more systems through API connections – We will help you with the entire process, from designing the workflow to the development itself.

Innovative development​​​​

You are looking to improve the speed and efficiency of time consuming tasks. We will help you locate these tasks, design and develop the tools you need to succeed.

Remote specialist​​​​​

You are in need of a specialist to work with you – But maybe not full time or maybe it’s hard to find the right person. We will combine people from our team or network to give you the perfect specialist.

ShipHero Specialist​​​​​​

You are currently using or looking into using Shiphero. Setting up and maintaining any system is the key to succes. We will be your extension working with Shiphero – No matter if you are a 3PL or an e-commerce company.

Consulting 3PL​

You are a 3PL company either looking to or already working with e-commerce. We will help you improve efficiency, look at your current rutines and/or help you figure out what can set you appart from the competitors.

3PL Search​​

You are an e-commerce company looking to outsource your warehouse, find a new warehouse partner og expand to a new market. We will help you with this and with our market knowledge we will be able to negotiate the best rates.

The Good

Viking Consulting is delighted to share the happy news with you

We have expanded our business within 3PL and e-commerce solutions, so we are now able to offer you more solutions to today’s business challenges.

The Bad

In these stranger times you need your Viking Consulting

Checkmate? It is crucial for survival not to fade away within the fields of 3PL and e-commerce. Take action while you still can and make…

The Ugly

We from Viking Consulting are your giant e-logistic battle-axe

Whoever said that one person cannot change the world never ate an undercooked bat! You probably already holds what it takes to become a game…

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Technologies We Work On

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