Integrate and Conquer

Unleash the full potential of your business with our custom integration solutions for ecommerce and 3PL's. We make your systems speak the same language because we love bringing systems and people closer.

3rd Party API Integration

Integrating two or more systems through API connections? – Let us help you with the entire process, from designing workflows and writing the API code itself, to testing, deploying and maintaining secure API system connections.


Custom Application Development

Are you looking to automate cumbersome manual processes and improve the speed and efficiency of time-consuming or repetitive tasks? Our team will help you identify tasks that are ideal candidates for technology transformation and automation, and develop the tools and software you need to succeed.

Remote Specialist​​​​​ Services

Complex business problems require complex solutions, and sometimes you just need a specialist. When you choose VikingC, you don’t get just one specialist, you get our entire team’s unique set of skills dedicated to helping you solve your business’s toughest challenges.

ShipHero Support​​​​​​ Services

For current or prospective ShipHero users, whether a 3PL or eCommerce company, let our ShipHero Support Specialists help with the initial setup and/or ongoing maintenance of your ShipHero Warehouse Management Software.

3PL Consulting Services

Whether you are just starting a 3PL company or are currently fulfilling orders for an established client base, let our 5+ years of experience as an eCommerce fulfillment provider help you to improve efficiency, lower costs, and stand apart from the competition.

3PL Provider Analysis

Are you an eCommerce company looking for the perfect fulfillment provider to outsource your eCommerce fulfillment or expand into new markets? Let our educated team of 3PL experts help you set the right search criteria, ask the right questions, and negotiate the best rates.

We set sails with

20 years

of eCommerce experience

15 years

of integration development

12 years

of warehouse management

Our track record – systems we have worked with

Basically, if there is an API, we can integrate to it!
Marketplaces Backmarket Miinto
Robotics OPEX Locus 6RiverSystems Autostore
ERP & Financial Navision Dynamics Business Central 365 Trimit Uniconta GARP ZOHO

Our references – friends we have set sail with already